Catered Events

Give yourself the gift of time while I cater your next special occasion.  Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, a graduation, or want a special night with your significant other, experience the luxury of having a private chef cook for you.  Create an amazing menu with me and I will take care of the rest–shopping, cooking, and cleaning. All you have to do is enjoy socializing with your friends and family!  You don’t have to miss those special moments during your celebration, because I will cook and plate all of the food for you and your guests.  And even better, I will clean up the kitchen afterwards so you don’t have to. 

*Contact for pricing

Meal Planning

Don’t have time to cook healthy meals for you and your family? On average, people spend 3-4 hours planning, shopping, and cooking meals. Save that time for something you want.  I will – Chef Nicole will. She will also leave reheating instructions to ensure that your meals are perfect! Dietary restrictions? Not an issue!  Chef Nicole will create 4-5 meals for vegetarian, gluten free, paleo, keto, and other dietary lifestyles.

What about lunches for your kiddos?  Choose between 3-5 meals for your school week from the menus below.  Chef Nicole cooks and portions school meals and all you have to do is put them in their lunchbox!  Kid friendly, healthy, and organic meals will put your mind at ease throughout the week.  Give yourself more time to spend with your children after school!

  • Chicken tenders with honey mustard dipping sauce, grapes, popcorn, and 2 GF oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies
  • Hummus and veggie wraps, apple slices, pretzels, and homemade a granola bar
  • Quesadilla (beef, chicken, or vegetarian), pico de gallo, tortilla chips and guacamole, chocolate zucchini muffins (because they don’t need to know there’s vegetables in this delicious treat!)
  • Chicken gyros with homemade tzatziki (a popular favorite!), carrots and celery sticks, hummus, and fruit
  • “The Classic”- Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, pretzels, carrots, and 2 GF oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies
  • Burrito bowls (chicken or beef), sauteed bell peppers, Mexican cheese, tortillas, yogurt
  • Bistro box- Turkey and spinach pinwheels, grapes, sliced cucumbers, and lemon sugar cookies
  • Cheese and fruit platter- sliced cheese, crackers, grapes, apple slices, and pretzels
  • Greek pasta salad, roasted crunchy chickpeas, pita chips, and homemade granola bar

$175 weekly plus the cost of groceries

Cooking Lessons

Want to learn how to make fresh pasta? Want to perfect your knife skills? Learn how to cook in the comfort of your own home! In your 3 hour class, you will learn techniques, tips, and tricks that will give you the confidence to cook!  Book a private one on one class or gather some friends to laugh, learn, and eat in a group session.  Fun idea for your child’s birthday?  Watch them have fun cooking their kid friendly meals.  A cooking class is a fun and interactive way to celebrate any birthday party!

$60 per person for group class with minimum of 6 people

$45 per child for group class with minimum of 8 kids

$225 for one on one class

**Lessons are temporarily cancelled.  Check back for updated class information.